Podcast Edition is a business dedicated to help podcasters to produce their shows with audio editing, mixing, mastering, transcription, show notes and publishing services.

When we started our podcast, post-production was the one obstacle that could've kept us from moving forward. But with Podcast Edition, we were able to outsource all of that--and the production value is so professional! it was such a relief to be able to hand this off to a pro. Can't recommend them enough!

Freelance Writing Coach - Kaleigh Moore and Emma Siemasko

I have been pleasantly surprised by the entire Podcast Edition team. Having edited my own episodes in the past, I know the level of detail needed to go into producing a quality-sounding show. The level of detail, friendly interaction, and timely turnaround has been amazing, and it has helped me focus on other priorities. I know I'll get what I need when I need it (or before) from the Podcast Edition team. Thanks!

Cart Insiders - Greg Zakowicz, Founder of Omnisend

It takes a load of my mind having Podcast Edition helping with editing my podcast episodes. I have been using them for a number of years now across two podcasts, and I have such confidence in their work and responsiveness.

Cogent Conversations and Subtle Disruptors - Adam Murray

Julien and his team provide an efficient and detailed service, which has helped me to remember why I loved podcasting again!

How To Money - Kate Campbell

I've worked with Julien for over a year now, and have since referred him to many other people I know looking to start a podcast.  He's always done exceptional work for me.  He's talented, produces an incredible finished product, and he is very responsive.  I couldn't possibly recommend him more!

Your Virtual Upline - Bob Heilig

I can’t imagine doing my podcast each week without the support of Podcast Edition ... or at least I don’t want to.

The Writing Coach Podcast - Rebecca L. Weber

I'm so mind-blown about the quality of work that Podcast Edition puts into the podcast editing. Can't recommend them enough!

Elite Game Developers - Joakim Achren

Julien and the team at Podcast Edition are great editors who are responsive, reliable and able to edit an episode in a short amount of time, with a high-quality cut delivered each time. I would recommend for any business looking for a regular podcast editor.

Glofox Fitness Founders - Eamonn Curley (Associate Content Manager) and Kevin Mannion (Host)

Podcast Edition and their team bring expertise and professionalism to my podcast production. If you are looking for timely delivery and an ability to deal with changes, be sure to check them out.

Empower Apps - Leo Dion Bright Digit

Before Podcast Edition I spent many hours a week editing our show. Now, thanks to them I'm able to put my efforts into developing content and interacting with our listeners. They have impressed me with the speed of turn around and ability to make two country boys sound professional.

Complete Developer Podcast - BJ Burns

Straightforward pricing, quick communication, and happy to make adjustments. You only pay for what you need.

Software Sessions - Jeremy Jung

Podcast Edition have been assisting us since the start. They took care of everything for us, including the initial set up, advised us with which platforms and how to get started. They take care of all our editing which is always delivered ahead of schedule and to an excellent standard. I would always recommend using podcast edition for all audio editing services.

Asbestos Knowledge Empire - Neil Munro

As a brand new podcaster, Podcast Edition gave me the support to publish my work professionally, even though I was sweating and a bundle of nerves in the background. I love that they have made and continue to make everything easier for me to just keep going. They worry about the details behind the scenes, so I can focus on what's most important...the message I'm creating. Fast, easy to talk to, and reliable. So very grateful I found them.

Imagine All The Good Things- Emily Gibson

Podcast Edition has been a huge time saver! The whole team is very efficient and highly skilled. They take my notes and instructions and make all the magic happen. I will continue to use them for podcast seasons to come!

Long Lost - Kayla Olson

I adore working with Julien and his team. I cannot recommend them enough. He and his team offer the highest quality of service, are always on time, have guided me when I needed it, and gone above and beyond again and again. I'm so grateful!

Things I'd Never Say - Lindsey Lewis

Thanks for all your great work. You make my life a lot easier.

High Intensity Business - Lawrence Neal

Podcast Edition is professional, timely, and easy to work with. My listeners constantly compliment my high sound quality!

Carnivore Cast - Scott Myslinski

Podcast Edition is a dream to work with: quick to respond, reasonable deadlines and expectations, and always meets them. I will work with them for as long as I am podcasting.

Honest Money Conversations - Cait Flanders, writer

Podcast Edition makes my life so much easier every week. Check them out if you have a podcast.

Level Up Your Course - Janelle Allen

We sound smarter in our podcast. We save time and reach a larger audience. It's a no brainer.

SQL Data Partners - Carlos L. Chacon

Podcast Edition makes me sound professional. I hire them for all of my shows.

Company of One, Creative Class - Paul Jarvis, writer

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