A la carte one stop shop solution for your podcast post-production

Every podcast is unique.
We use an individual customer based service-level agreement. Each personalized custom workflows deliver responsive services in an adaptive pricing.


Audio Mix

Specified extra edits for $2 each

Enhance vocals and improve audio
Improve voice clarity and reduce background noise. Matching volume, EQ and compression balanced.​

Sequence speakers, music and ads
Sequence any provided music, ads and sound effects

Engaging show with no ear fatigue
Hash sounds dampened,  volume convention respected. Ready for Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, etc...


Audio Mix + Full Edit

$15/episode + $1/minute of raw audio recording
Unlimited edits

Everything in Starter
Enhanced audio quality and sequenced audio elements.

Minute by minute editing
Transparent micro edits to maintain an engaging conversation. Listeners are hooked, talks are smart.

Edit fillers and mistakes
Remove filler words, noises, 'ums', 'ahs', pauses, errors.

Boosts the energy of the show
Cut your show's length up to 15%.


Optional additional services

Show notes: $45/ep
An engaging summary of your episode with Interesting quotes and chapters

Publishing to portal: $5/ep
Podcast publishing routine to libsyn, soundcloud, wordpress, or another publishing portal

Transcript: $0,90/minute

Artwork from assets: $10/ep
Use your existing assets to assemble an artwork​

​​Artwork from scratch: $100
Create a brand new artwork from scratch

Audio jingle rental: $2/ep
Rent one or multiple audio jingles from our extensive list to use in your episodes.

Composing Intro/Outro/Ad: $150
Create a brand new music jingle

1 free episode for weekly or bi-weekly releases with a monthly bundle
Recurring bundled monthly payment with a discounted price. Contact us.

Start saving time and money. Free yourself from the podcast production hassle